stuff no one tells you #4

Milo is 5 weeks now, and every day i learn something new. i know there have been a ton of ‘oh crap’ moments, but i have mommy brain and can’t remember anything. literally, i am forgetting peoples names and losing my words.


  1. when you leave the hospital you will still look pregnant. not fat, but pregnant
  2. your bladder can get very weak afterwards (mine did), so it’s a good thing you are already wearing diapers
  3. you will not get any sleep at the hospital
  4. breast feeding WILL hurt a lot in the beginning
  5. your pregnancy symptoms will not immediately go away
  6. be careful how you pick up your baby since you will be doing it A LOT. mommy thumb is a real thing, and it hurts!
  7. your nipples get darker so your baby can find them easier
  8. breast feeding dehydrates you, and the horrid constipation can occur

labor days cont…

After 2 days of intermittent contractions, i was finally checked into the hospital and excited to meet my baby. first thing on the checklist, get an epidural! i chose the walking epidural over the standard version. it’s a modified recipe that doesn’t fully numb your legs so that you can still walk. the good news was that the epidural completely took away the pain from my contractions. i was able to sleep comfortably. the bad news was that every time i sat up to walk, i got extremely nauseous. the narcotics in the epidural was not agreeing with me. pain killers were never my friend, so it’s no surprise this wasn’t working for me. when the epidural wore off, i received a “watered down” version of the standard epidural and the nausea went away.

when i checked in, i was 4cm dilated. a few hours later, i was almost 6cms. things were moving slowly, but they were progressing. i took a nap, and when i woke up, i was still 6 cms and my contractions had slowed down. i was at a stand still so they decided to break my water. it’s a weird feeling to have people take care of what’s going on “downstairs”. you lose all privacy during labor, and have to allow multiple people access to your vagina. i don’t know if i ever got comfortable with it.

after they broke my water, i was still at 6 cms. hello baby, are you coming today?! the doc decided to give me pitocin. they started me on a low dose, with no results. they dialed up the dosage an hour later and things were finally moving… quickly! out of no where i started feeling pressure in my pelvis and i was 10cms. i had checked into the hospital around 2:30 am, and it was almost 10:30 pm when i started pushing. finally!

i pushed for a little over an hour before Milo was born. with each contraction and push, i had no idea if i was doing it right. there are no classes on how to actually push, and since you are numb from the epidural, you don’t actually feel your muscles pushing. the doc asked if i wanted a mirror to see what was going on down there, but i definitely did not want that. in the delivery room there was around a dozen people in there waiting for Milo, so that they can check his heart. he spent 24hrs in the NICU, and was sent down to our room for us to take care of him. this tiny human being was now in our care, and we had no idea what we were doing.

it was a long process, but i would do it all over again. it’s funny how you can go 33 years without someone in your life, but the second they arrive, you never want to experience another day without them. i love you Milo (even when you keep me up all night because you’re gassy and spitting up)


labor days

when people ask me “how was it?”, it’s hard to put it into words. in short, it wasn’t as bad as i thought! thank the heavens for epidurals.

on Sat (1/23), i went to Caioti to try their maternity salad, which is famous for inducing labor. that night i went to bed and started having my first contractions. they woke me up a couple times that night, but i was able to fall back asleep, so no biggie. the next morning, the contractions had stopped temporarily. they returned that evening and were around 1 hour apart. they lasted around 30 secs, and felt like strong period cramps, but were nothing i haven’t dealt with before.

when i took my labor classes, we were told not to go to the hospital until your water breaks, or your contractions were 3-5mins apart. since mine were an hour apart, i knew i had a long way to go.

by Mon night, of course after i went to bed, the contractions started becoming more frequent. i’d try to go back to sleep after each one, but they were now happening every 20 mins. i knew i had to wake up the hubby and tell him our baby was finally coming. so what did we do next? put on Netflix. we still had more waiting to do.

about 30 mins into the movie, my contractions jumped to every 10 mins and were really painful. to get through the pain, i used i technique i learned in the labor class. i put a thin towel around my lower back, and held the ends in front of me. i pulled the towel tight against my back and took turns tugging on the right and left ends of the towel, so that it massaged me. the physical movement was a nice distraction from the pain and gave me a focal point. around 2am-ish, it was time to go to the hospital.

before you are officially admitted, they do a quick check up to see if you are actually in labor. this involves a nurse sticking her hand in your vagina and spreading her fingers. i was 4cm dilated, 80% effaced and my contractions were about 6 mins apart. i was getting admitted. things just got real!

wow, this post is getting long, and it’s getting late. the real excitement is coming next. to be continued….




home stretch

i’m 39 weeks and anxiously waiting the arrival of our little boy. every movement, discomfort, anything…. i’m hoping that labor is starting. a few new side effects have popped up these last couple weeks so i thought i would post another short update:


weight gain: 40lbs (i weigh much closer to 200lbs than i do 100… ugh)

belly button: looks like an actual button. it’s not an outtie, but I can see the “bottom” of my button

side effects: some lower back pain, occasional acid reflux, sore hand joints, i can sleep all day, swollen feet/fingers, stretch marks (!!!! i thought i was doing awesome with the bio oil. i didnt have any until about 2 weeks ago, and they appeared out of no where !!!)

cravings: sugar & hot cheetos

movement: baby feels too big for my belly, and likes to kick me in the ribs


I’d like for our baby to come before i have no option but to get induced, so we’re going to a restaurant that serves a “maternity salad“. supposedly the dressing causes labor to start. i assume it has some castor oil in it. we shall see!

Caioti Pizza Cafe:

stuff no one tells you #3

we had our last prenatal class that included a tour of the hospital. we saw the labor room and the room you recover in. there is a BIG difference between the two. the labor room has mood lighting and is spacious. there is a couch that converts into a bed for daddy. it looks like a hotel. after your baby is born, you are put into a closet with a roll-away bed. congrats! here are some other things i learned:

  1. a birth plan seems like a good idea. there are sooooo many decisions you have to make. i’d like to make them when i’m not in pain
  2. after birth, you can swell even more
  3. after birth, you may lose hair
  4. once you get to the hospital, you can’t eat anything
  5. aroma therapy is offered for pain management

stuff no one tells you #2

just got done with our 2nd class, and holy moly there is definitely stuff that people “forget” to mention. we all know labor can take hours, and there’s a ton of pain but then you get an epidural. there’s a million other things that happen in between.

  1. the ring of fire can happen to your vagina
  2. if you get an epidural, they have to put in a urinary cathetor
  3. there will most likely be tearing and stitches needed
  4. after the baby is born, you still have to give birth to the placenta
  5. your milk can take between 2-5 days to “arrive”, but luckily you have yellow cheese you can feed them through your boobs (colostrum)

i’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, that i know this before going into labor….

stuff no one tells you #1

we attended our first prenatal class this week. it focused on our anatomy, and the changes that occur when you go into labor. we also started practicing some breathing techniques. here the things i learned (and remembered)

  1. most women’s water breaks at the hospital
  2. every mom is scared about pooping during labor
  3. to check how far you are dilated, a nurse spreads her fingers in your cervix
  4. the “bloody show” is a real thing

fear of your water breaking in public