Milo is almost 2 months old, and he’s had a few milestones. The most exciting, is that he had another ekg & echo, and his heart looks great! the coarcatation is still there, but he is functioning fine with it, and it doesn’t look like we will need to take any action. we’ll go back when he’s 9 months old for a checkup.

most recently, Milo has started to smile! and sometimes it sounds like he’s laughing. i have to say, with a little bias, that he has the cutest smile i’ve ever seen. it takes a lot of ruckus to get him to do it, but it’s worth it.

this past weekend, Milo attended his first birthday party. his cousin Olivia turned 1 and we went to a park in Monterey park for a circus themed event. he’s been staying up longer during the day, and was awake through the entire party. he almost made it through the end of cake before he started to have a little melt down. once we got him in the car and started driving, he passed out.

speaking of him staying up during the day: he’s sleeping more at night! he will sleep a good 4 to 5 hours for his first stretch. we’ll feed and change his diaper before he goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. this has made a world a difference on my energy. i can get through the day with just 1 nap 🙂



heart to heart

it’s been 2 months since our last ultra sound that viewed our baby’s heart. the doc is still seeing the same coarcatation of the aorta. i’ve had 2 months to digest this information, so it wasn’t a shock. as for next steps, we just have to wait for the baby to born to confirm. there will be a cardiologist on hand to perform an echocardiogram, and a chance that he will have to spend the night in the NICU for further monitoring. we’ll take everything one day at a time, and not assume the worst until told otherwise.

tiny heart

i went in for my 3rd fetal anatomy ultrasound appointment, in hopes the doc would finally get a good view of my baby’s heart. this appt was much quicker, and thank goodness he was awake and letting us see his tiny heart. after the doc reviewed the pics, she recommended that we see her again in 2 months. it appears his aortic valve is narrower than average, which could lead to heart issues when he’s born. it’s called coarctation of the aorta. right now it looks like a mild case, and could end up being nothing, but we will need to monitor his development.

johnney couldn’t make this visit, so i had to digest this info alone. my first reaction was fear of the worst. does he need to have heart surgery when he’s born?! unfortunately there’s nothing we can do but wait, and pray that his heart gets stronger on its own.

i’ve been following a few other pregnant bloggers. usually i look for fashion tips or baby product reviews. when i read this post today, i found a little comfort in knowing i’m not the only one going through a scare right now. she was able to better express what i’m feeling, and her positivity is inspiring.

lazy boy

we went to our 2nd trimester anatomy ultrasound, for the second time. this is the one where they make sure your baby has all their limbs and organs. our boy decided to hang out in the worst position, so the sonographer could not get a good picture of his heart. we were at the first appointment for about 3 hrs. today, we were there for 2 hrs, and he still wouldn’t budge. i did jumping jacks, wiggled my belly and blasted music. he would not change positions! we now have a 3rd appointment with a pediatric cardiologist who can hopefully get the images they need to confirm our baby’s heart is ok.

we’re told this is just to make sure everything is fine, and that there are no warning signs that would infer otherwise. i’m crossing my fingers everything goes well, and that this appointment does not take another 2 hrs.