puff, puff and 30 more


open sesame

just found out that you can get a “welcome” letter for your little one from a sesame street character! adding this one to my TO DO list

Fan Mail Address:
Sesame Street
Sesame Workshop
One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023


be kiinde

Kiinde Essentials Kit

I’ve been thinking about trying the Kiinde breast feeding set. It has great reviews on Amazon and it seems simple to use. You don’t have to transfer milk one container to another, or wash a ton of bottles. it was fate when i came across this promo code in my FB newsfeed for a FREE Kiinde Essentials Kit. Use promo code: FREERS1013 and only pay S&H. What a steal! I’ll tell you in 3 months if it was worth it.

men, women & children

i recently watched this movie on netflix. it makes me scared to raise a kid! the movie is about a set of parents, their kids who all attend the same high school, and how technology effects them. there is a popular girl who’s mom lets her post sexy pics of herself on the internet. the quiet guy with no friends in RL (real life), and just plays video games. a girl whose mom is a control freak and monitors all of her online activity, to the point where she has no choice but to lie to her mom. and last but not least, a boy who watches a ton of porn online. how do you prevent ALL of these from happening?!

primary debate

i don’t have a theme for the nursery, except …primary colors? i like this nursery. it’s simple, bright, and inviting. looks like a room a kid could actually play in. I hate monochromatic nursery’s with expensive furniture that’s designed for the parents. Is your kid really going to have use for that ceramic white elephant?

mickey mouse bright colored nursery

milk, it does a body good

apparently there is a chinese superstition that drinking milk will make your baby’s skin more porcelain/white (therefore more beautiful). i heard this from my mother-in-law AND a coworker.  this also explains why my husband has naturally tanned skin… his mom didn’t drink enough milk, duh!

Happy Birthday to ME

we're expecting
etsy baby banner

Over the weekend we threw a BBQ to celebrate my birthday. It was also perfect timing, because I just completed my first trimester and received our NIPT results. We announced to our friends that a baby was on the way! Speaking of results, it looks like Pinterest was correct. We are having a baby BOY. Now to come up with a name… Suggestions are welcome!

If you’re wondering where bought the sign, you can find it here on etsy.