i’m too old!


This past weekend we went on a date night. Went to dinner first, had a few drinks, and then walked over to the local dive bar. As we approach the door, I realize that I left my wallet in my gym bag earlier that day. I have no proof of my age! I search through my phone for a picture that shows how old I am (which is more than a decade over 21). I’m usually really good about taking pictures of identification for when I travel. At this moment, I am having no luck finding such evidence… stupid auto-archive…

Then… ta-da! Johnney shows the doorman of me minutes after giving birth to Milo and he lets us in!! Aint no one need a drink more than a mama!


uh oh!


I don’t know how it happened, but over a year has passed since my last post! my little baby is almost a toddler and i’m a full fledged mom. it’s weird saying that because i still feel like college was just a few years ago… we’re gearing up for halloween (we’re going to be a Star Trek family), and we continued our tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch. i’ve been super nostalgic lately looking at old pictures of my baby. i know every mom thinks this, but my kid literally gets cuter every day.

must haves

now that i’m in the baby groove (for the most part), there are some baby things from my registry i am using, and others i’m not. here’s a list of the items i suggest

wipe warmer – i read mixed reviews about this and decided not to add one to my registry. i did receive one as a hand me down, and i’m glad i did! those middle of the night diaper changes are rough enough, but adding a cold wet wipe to the mix does not make things better. remember that baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours. i dare you to wipe your tummy at 3am with the cold wipe to see how you like it.

breast milk collector – while breast feeding, the boob that the baby is NOT nursing from, will most likely leak. don’t ask me why, it just does. you will want to save that precious liquid gold for another feeding. these collectors allow you to do just that.

breast pads – speaking of leaking boobs, you don’t want this to happen while you’re in public. these breast pads are a life saver.

play mat – you will hear a million times how important tummy time is. your baby will need some place to do it. they will also need something other than the ceiling fan to look at when you need a break and want to put them down.

electronic crib mobile – entertaining your newborn can be tricky. mine loves the ceiling fan, and anything that moves. i found myself winding up our mobile 10 times a day because it only lasted 2 minutes. finally we bought a portable electric version that lasts 30 mins. it goes from room to room with us, allowing me time to go to the bathroom and not feel rushed because the song is going to end soon

rocker – there’s only so much your newborn can do, and laying on their back seems to occupy most of their time. these rockers are a great place for your baby to hang out, up right. the chair can fit a toddler, so it will be in your home for a while and you will definitely get your moneys worth. when your baby falls asleep, there is a stand at the bottom that you fold out so that the chair no longer rocks.

little remedies – in the first 3 months we’ve already dealt with really bad gas, tons of spit ups and stuffy noses. the little remedies products have been a life saver. for dealing with gas, our trick was to give the drops before each feeding. we found that the drops don’t work quick enough if we wait until after the baby is suffering from gas.

clip on night light – middle of the night feedings are grueling. forget about turning on a lamp – it hurts your eyes, and it wakes your hubby up. clip on this light to your bra strap, and you will have just enough soft light to see what you’re doing. it’s not a flash light, so there is still a chance you will stub your toe when getting out of bed. there is also a vibrating timer that will wake you up if you fall asleep. you will most likely fall asleep during a feeding at least once.

EDIT (5/15/16) : i can’t believe i forgot these items! now THESE are a must have

pee pads – when your baby starts having blowouts, you will be glad you had these disposable pads underneath them. we bought the ones for pets because they were cheaper. they are pretty large, so we cut them in half and now have twice as many.

bidet – after delivery you will be sore down there. you will be scared to wipe, especially after number 2’s. freshen up with water instead of rough dry paper. it will make healing a little more tolerable




stuff no one tells you #4

Milo is 5 weeks now, and every day i learn something new. i know there have been a ton of ‘oh crap’ moments, but i have mommy brain and can’t remember anything. literally, i am forgetting peoples names and losing my words.


  1. when you leave the hospital you will still look pregnant. not fat, but pregnant
  2. your bladder can get very weak afterwards (mine did), so it’s a good thing you are already wearing diapers
  3. you will not get any sleep at the hospital
  4. breast feeding WILL hurt a lot in the beginning
  5. your pregnancy symptoms will not immediately go away
  6. be careful how you pick up your baby since you will be doing it A LOT. mommy thumb is a real thing, and it hurts!
  7. your nipples get darker so your baby can find them easier
  8. breast feeding dehydrates you, and the horrid constipation can occur

welcome to the jungle

on 1/26/16 i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Milo. he was 8.4 oz and 20.5 inches long. needless to say, all of the nurses said “he’s a big boy”. we just spent the our first night home, and let’s say the cats were not happy… more to come!


oh yea, the salad worked!