you know it’s bad when…

your baby is sitting up in a chair, poops, and the poop fights its way against gravity, up his diaper, and on to the back of the chair


stuff no one tells you #2

just got done with our 2nd class, and holy moly there is definitely stuff that people “forget” to mention. we all know labor can take hours, and there’s a ton of pain but then¬†you get an epidural. there’s a million other things that happen in between.

  1. the ring of fire can happen to your vagina
  2. if you get an epidural, they have to put in a urinary cathetor
  3. there will most likely be tearing and stitches needed
  4. after the baby is born, you still have to give birth to the placenta
  5. your milk can take between 2-5 days to “arrive”, but luckily you have yellow¬†cheese you can feed them through your boobs (colostrum)

i’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, that i know this before going into labor….

stuff no one tells you #1

we attended our first prenatal class this week. it focused on our anatomy, and the changes that occur when you go into labor. we also started practicing some breathing techniques. here the things i learned (and remembered)

  1. most women’s water breaks at the hospital
  2. every mom is scared about pooping during labor
  3. to check how far you are dilated, a nurse spreads her fingers in your cervix
  4. the “bloody show” is a real thing

fear of your water breaking in public