i’m too old!


This past weekend we went on a date night. Went to dinner first, had a few drinks, and then walked over to the local dive bar. As we approach the door, I realize that I left my wallet in my gym bag earlier that day. I have no proof of my age! I search through my phone for a picture that shows how old I am (which is more than a decade over 21). I’m usually really good about taking pictures of identification for when I travel. At this moment, I am having no luck finding such evidence… stupid auto-archive…

Then… ta-da! Johnney shows the doorman of me minutes after giving birth to Milo and he lets us in!! Aint no one need a drink more than a mama!


you know it’s bad when…

your baby is sitting up in a chair, poops, and the poop fights its way against gravity, up his diaper, and on to the back of the chair