we celebrated Milo’s 100th Day this past weekend. It’s a Chinese tradition that includes a 9 course family style dinner and passing out red eggs (hard boiled and died red). we also incorporated the American tradition of expensive dessert tables.  every party we go to nowadays has a fancy buffet of sweets, along with goodies to take home.

we got our awesome cake from Delicious Arts. we went to the bakery with a vague idea of what we wanted. they asked us what type of stuff Milo liked. well, he likes his thumb and staring at himself in a mirror. not sure if those would make a good cake… you can see we went a kid and adult favorite: the peanuts

Milo slept through most of it, which i was actually relieved for. there was enough going on through out the party, without having to worry about why he is crying. even though the party was for him, it was more of an adult event. i don’t think he would’ve liked the duck or shrimp.

milo 100


halloween recap

last night we did some halloween reconnaissance to find the best streets in our neighborhood to trick or treat. we hardly receive any trick or treaters at our house, so we didn’t know if our area was popular. since we love dressing up and celebrating halloween, we wanted to make our sons experience just as special (so we’re prepping for next year). we knew there was a house that went ALL out with decorations, so that was our first stop. they had music and fog and moving zombies. spiders that were triggered by motion detectors to jump, and a ghost that flew across the sky. that house put all the others to shame. it had a huge line for candy, and parents taking tons of pictures of the front lawn. needless to say, the reset of our neighborhood is filled with kids, just not our street 😦

since we were out and about, we left our candy on the front porch with a homemade sign. we came home to some candy, so maybe it worked.

santa's watching
santa’s watching

here are some “mean” notes for your enjoyment:  http://www.someecards.com/life/holidays/notes-for-trick-or-treaters

oh, i almost forgot! we start our birthing classes tomorrow. things are getting real.

happy halloween!

i got the results back from my 3 hour glucose test, and it’s negative! i was so excited to hear this news. it means, i can eat all some of the left over trick or treat candy we bought 🙂

my husband surprised me with a “baby on board” massage. i’ll be getting that this afternoon, so it will be interesting to know what it’s all about. from the description it sounds like i lie on my side and they have cushions for my belly. i hope they don’t expect me to flip over to massage the other side. that will take some time…

pumpkin patch

my best friend’s wedding

this past weekend was filled with wedding activities! i was a little worried about attending a bachelorette party and being the only sober one there, but i actually had a really good time! pre-pregnancy, i loved going out and drinking and staying up all night. now, i’d rather lay in bed and watch netflix because my clothes don’t really fit (and i’m jealous i can’t drink).

the next event was the engagement party, or so everyone thought…about 1 hour into the party, and after the guests watched the below video, they quickly found out there was going to be a wedding. i was a bridesmaid and found out the day before, but did not have a chance to try on the dress until right before the ceremony. literally right before the ceremony…. like 15 mins before. thank goodness it fit.

after the ceremony, we ate Kogi taco’s, took pics in the photobooth and danced to ‘Ain’t No Fun’. a perfect way to end the weekend.

Happy Birthday to ME

we're expecting
etsy baby banner

Over the weekend we threw a BBQ to celebrate my birthday. It was also perfect timing, because I just completed my first trimester and received our NIPT results. We announced to our friends that a baby was on the way! Speaking of results, it looks like Pinterest was correct. We are having a baby BOY. Now to come up with a name… Suggestions are welcome!

If you’re wondering where bought the sign, you can find it here on etsy.