i’m too old!


This past weekend we went on a date night. Went to dinner first, had a few drinks, and then walked over to the local dive bar. As we approach the door, I realize that I left my wallet in my gym bag earlier that day. I have no proof of my age! I search through my phone for a picture that shows how old I am (which is more than a decade over 21). I’m usually really good about taking pictures of identification for when I travel. At this moment, I am having no luck finding such evidence… stupid auto-archive…

Then… ta-da! Johnney shows the doorman of me minutes after giving birth to Milo and he lets us in!! Aint no one need a drink more than a mama!


uh oh!


I don’t know how it happened, but over a year has passed since my last post! my little baby is almost a toddler and i’m a full fledged mom. it’s weird saying that because i still feel like college was just a few years ago… we’re gearing up for halloween (we’re going to be a Star Trek family), and we continued our tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch. i’ve been super nostalgic lately looking at old pictures of my baby. i know every mom thinks this, but my kid literally gets cuter every day.


we celebrated Milo’s 100th Day this past weekend. It’s a Chinese tradition that includes a 9 course family style dinner and passing out red eggs (hard boiled and died red). we also incorporated the American tradition of expensive dessert tables. ¬†every party we go to nowadays has a fancy buffet of sweets, along with goodies to take home.

we got our awesome cake from Delicious Arts. we went to the bakery with a vague idea of what we wanted. they asked us what type of stuff Milo liked. well, he likes his thumb and staring at himself in a mirror. not sure if those would make a good cake… you can see we went a kid and adult favorite: the peanuts

Milo slept through most of it, which i was actually relieved for. there was enough going on through out the party, without having to worry about why he is crying. even though the party was for him, it was more of an adult event. i don’t think he would’ve liked the duck or shrimp.

milo 100

stuff no one tells you #4

Milo is 5 weeks now, and every day i learn something new. i know there have been a ton of ‘oh crap’ moments, but i have mommy brain and can’t remember anything. literally, i am forgetting peoples names and losing my words.


  1. when you leave the hospital you will still look pregnant. not fat, but pregnant
  2. your bladder can get very weak afterwards (mine did), so it’s a good thing you are already wearing diapers
  3. you will not get any sleep at the hospital
  4. breast feeding WILL hurt a lot in the beginning
  5. your pregnancy symptoms will not immediately go away
  6. be careful how you pick up your baby since you will be doing it A LOT. mommy thumb is a real thing, and it hurts!
  7. your nipples get darker so your baby can find them easier
  8. breast feeding dehydrates you, and the horrid constipation can occur

welcome to the jungle

on 1/26/16 i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Milo. he was 8.4 oz and 20.5 inches long. needless to say, all of the nurses said “he’s a big boy”. we just spent the our first night home, and let’s say the cats were not happy… more to come!


oh yea, the salad worked!