labor days

when people ask me “how was it?”, it’s hard to put it into words. in short, it wasn’t as bad as i thought! thank the heavens for epidurals.

on Sat (1/23), i went to Caioti to try their maternity salad, which is famous for inducing labor. that night i went to bed and started having my first contractions. they woke me up a couple times that night, but i was able to fall back asleep, so no biggie. the next morning, the contractions had stopped temporarily. they returned that evening and were around 1 hour apart. they lasted around 30 secs, and felt like strong period cramps, but were nothing i haven’t dealt with before.

when i took my labor classes, we were told not to go to the hospital until your water breaks, or your contractions were 3-5mins apart. since mine were an hour apart, i knew i had a long way to go.

by Mon night, of course after i went to bed, the contractions started becoming more frequent. i’d try to go back to sleep after each one, but they were now happening every 20 mins. i knew i had to wake up the hubby and tell him our baby was finally coming. so what did we do next? put on Netflix. we still had more waiting to do.

about 30 mins into the movie, my contractions jumped to every 10 mins and were really painful. to get through the pain, i used i technique i learned in the labor class. i put a thin towel around my lower back, and held the ends in front of me. i pulled the towel tight against my back and took turns tugging on the right and left ends of the towel, so that it massaged me. the physical movement was a nice distraction from the pain and gave me a focal point. around 2am-ish, it was time to go to the hospital.

before you are officially admitted, they do a quick check up to see if you are actually in labor. this involves a nurse sticking her hand in your vagina and spreading her fingers. i was 4cm dilated, 80% effaced and my contractions were about 6 mins apart. i was getting admitted. things just got real!

wow, this post is getting long, and it’s getting late. the real excitement is coming next. to be continued….





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