home stretch

i’m 39 weeks and anxiously waiting the arrival of our little boy. every movement, discomfort, anything…. i’m hoping that labor is starting. a few new side effects have popped up these last couple weeks so i thought i would post another short update:


weight gain: 40lbs (i weigh much closer to 200lbs than i do 100… ugh)

belly button: looks like an actual button. it’s not an outtie, but I can see the “bottom” of my button

side effects: some lower back pain, occasional acid reflux, sore hand joints, i can sleep all day, swollen feet/fingers, stretch marks (!!!! i thought i was doing awesome with the bio oil. i didnt have any until about 2 weeks ago, and they appeared out of no where !!!)

cravings: sugar & hot cheetos

movement: baby feels too big for my belly, and likes to kick me in the ribs


I’d like for our baby to come before i have no option but to get induced, so we’re going to a restaurant that serves a “maternity salad“. supposedly the dressing causes labor to start. i assume it has some castor oil in it. we shall see!

Caioti Pizza Cafe: http://www.yelp.com/biz/caioti-pizza-cafe-studio-city


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