Merry Christmas!

It’s our last Christmas as a family of 2. I’m officially on maternity leave and the countdown has begun! T minus 1 month before baby boy Chong arrives



if it walks like a duck

i’m 34 weeks and preparing for my maternity leave. it’s been really stressful trying to get answers from my HR on what i need to do. it seems like everyone’s suggestion is to go on leave, and figure out everything then. this doesn’t make sense!! how can i just stop working and hope i qualify to receive state disability?

on top of that stress, it’s getting harder to walk. i’m waddling around the office at a snails pace. the baby suddenly feels so much heavier and is putting a ton of pressure under my belly. i’ve gained 30+ lbs and i’m ready to be on maternity leave. Only 2 more weeks to go. Believe me, the countdown has already begun.

baby it’s cold outside

the past few weeks have been jam packed with baby stuff, birthdays, holidays and work. i’m preparing for maternity leave and that seems like a job in itself. not only am i training my coworkers on my what i do, but i’m constantly googling how to apply for state disability. everyone seems to have different ideas on how it works, and it’s impossible to get 1 single answer. sooo frustrating!

this past weekend i had my baby showers. yes, plural. i had the “grown up” event in the afternoon and the friends event at night. combining the 2 groups would have just been too stressful.


i came home from the showers with way too much stuff. i have no idea what i will need, so i guess it’s good that i have a wide variety of things, but my little home is reaching it’s capacity. it’s ironic how¬†baby furniture takes up so much room!

it’s also been extremely cold lately. at night it’s in the 50’s. that’s freezing for LA!


heart to heart

it’s been 2 months since our last ultra sound that viewed our baby’s heart. the doc is still seeing the same coarcatation of the aorta. i’ve had 2 months to digest this information, so it wasn’t a shock. as for next steps, we just have to wait for the baby to born to confirm. there will be a cardiologist on hand to perform an echocardiogram, and a chance that he will have to spend the night in the NICU for further monitoring. we’ll take everything one day at a time, and not assume the worst until told otherwise.