lazy boy

we went to our 2nd trimester anatomy ultrasound, for the second time. this is the one where they make sure your baby has all their limbs and organs. our boy decided to hang out in the worst position, so the sonographer could not get a good picture of his heart. we were at the first appointment for about 3 hrs. today, we were there for 2 hrs, and he still wouldn’t budge. i did jumping jacks, wiggled my belly and blasted music. he would not change positions! we now have a 3rd appointment with a pediatric cardiologist who can hopefully get the images they need to confirm our baby’s heart is ok.

we’re told this is just to make sure everything is fine, and that there are no warning signs that would infer otherwise. i’m crossing my fingers everything goes well, and that this appointment does not take another 2 hrs.


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