happy halloween!

i got the results back from my 3 hour glucose test, and it’s negative! i was so excited to hear this news. it means, i can eat all¬†some of the left over trick or treat candy we bought ūüôā

my husband surprised me with a “baby on board” massage. i’ll be getting that this afternoon, so it will be interesting to know what it’s all about. from the description it sounds like i lie on my side and they have cushions for my belly. i hope they don’t expect me to flip over to massage the other side. that will take some time…

pumpkin patch


sugar, i love you

i’m at the OB’s office taking the 3 hr glucose test to see if i have gestational diabetes. this test is the same as the first test, except they draw my blood 4 times. 1 time when i first get here, then every hour on the hour after that for 3 hrs.

i’ve never had to monitor my diet before, so this is a scary thought. if i have diabetes, i’ll be assigned a nutritionist and have to test my glucose levels through out the day. right now, this seems like too much to handle. i’m heading into my 3rd trimester, and have signed up for ALL of the prenatal classes. whatever they offered, we signed up. the next 2 months are filled with classes and doctor appointments. not looking forward to add 1 more thing to my list.

be kiinde

Kiinde Essentials Kit

I’ve been thinking about trying the Kiinde breast feeding set. It has great reviews on Amazon¬†and it seems simple to use. You don’t have to transfer milk one container to another, or wash a ton of bottles. it was fate when i came across this promo code in my FB newsfeed for a FREE¬†Kiinde Essentials Kit. Use promo code:¬†FREERS1013 and only pay S&H. What a steal! I’ll tell you in 3 months if it was worth it.

tiny heart

i went in for my 3rd fetal anatomy ultrasound appointment, in hopes the doc would finally get a good view of my baby’s heart. this appt was much quicker, and thank goodness he was awake and letting us see his tiny heart. after the doc reviewed the pics, she recommended that we see her again in 2 months. it appears his aortic valve is narrower¬†than average, which could lead to heart issues when he’s born. it’s called coarctation of the aorta. right now it looks like a mild case, and could end up being nothing, but we will need to monitor his development.

johnney couldn’t make this visit, so i had to digest this info alone. my first reaction was fear of the worst. does he need to have heart surgery when he’s born?! unfortunately there’s nothing we can do but wait, and pray that his heart gets stronger on its own.

i’ve been following a few other pregnant bloggers. usually i look for fashion tips or baby product reviews. when i read this post today, i found a little comfort in knowing i’m not the only one¬†going through a scare right now. she was able to better express¬†what i’m feeling, and her positivity is inspiring.

lazy boy

we went to our 2nd trimester anatomy¬†ultrasound, for the second time. this is the one where they make sure your baby has all their limbs and organs. our boy decided to hang out¬†in the worst position, so the sonographer could not get a good picture of his heart. we were at the first appointment for about 3 hrs. today, we were there for 2 hrs, and he still wouldn’t budge. i did jumping jacks, wiggled my belly and blasted music. he would not change positions! we now have a 3rd appointment with a pediatric cardiologist who can hopefully get the images they need to confirm our baby’s heart is ok.

we’re told this is just to make sure everything is fine, and that there are no warning signs that would infer otherwise. i’m crossing my fingers everything goes well, and that this appointment does not take another 2 hrs.