snoogle up

i purchased the Snoogle in hopes of better sleep. i do not recommend this body pillow. the pillow is very thick, and too high for my neck. i tried using it between my legs and under my legs, but it was just too large for that sole purpose. we have a queen size bed, and this is like having a 3rd person in the bed with us. i think i need just a pillow log for my legs. do they make those?!

snoogle maternity body pillow

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my clothes barely fit now 😦 i don’t want to buy a ton of maternity clothes, so i found this “maternity set” that i can pair with my own clothes. i normally don’t like wearing pencil skirts or bodycon dresses, but when you’re pregnant, you don’t have to worry about having a muffin top. bonus!

asos maternity set. dress, leggings, tank top and skirt.

men, women & children

i recently watched this movie on netflix. it makes me scared to raise a kid! the movie is about a set of parents, their kids who all attend the same high school, and how technology effects them. there is a popular girl who’s mom lets her post sexy pics of herself on the internet. the quiet guy with no friends in RL (real life), and just plays video games. a girl whose mom is a control freak and monitors all of her online activity, to the point where she has no choice but to lie to her mom. and last but not least, a boy who watches a ton of porn online. how do you prevent ALL of these from happening?!


we just came back from Maui where we did nothing but eat and swim. it’s been about a year since our last vacation, so we were in desperate need. we literally had no itinerary, and just a list of restaurants we wanted to try. between meals was a little shopping. i have to say it was a bit depressing. usually i can shop for hours, but since i have a growing bump, ‘regular’ clothes just don’t look that cute.

the weather was all over the place. the first day was unbearably humid and felt like we were standing in an oven. each day after, it got cooler, until it rained our last day there. despite the weather, we had a great time eating our plate lunches by the beach and cruising in our rented mustang convertible.


Maui restaurant’s we liked:

Kimo’s – casual burger joint with a great outdoor patio overlooking the ocean. i recommend this for lunch

Honu – fresh seafood and pizza overlooking the ocean. great ambiance, and romantic for dinner

Aloha Mixed Plate – casual outdoor restaurant you picture when you think “hawaii”. tiki torches light your meal on the beach.

Leoda’s Kitchen – delicious pies! a farm to table type of place you would usually find in LA

Iron Imu BBQ – authentic BBQ food located in a resort. no view, or frills, just good food