primary debate

i don’t have a theme for the nursery, except …primary colors? i like this nursery. it’s simple, bright, and inviting. looks like a room a kid could actually play in. I hate monochromatic nursery’s with expensive furniture that’s designed for the parents. Is your kid really going to have use for that ceramic white elephant?

mickey mouse bright colored nursery

my best friend’s wedding

this past weekend was filled with wedding activities! i was a little worried about attending a bachelorette party and being the only sober one there, but i actually had a really good time! pre-pregnancy, i loved going out and drinking and staying up all night. now, i’d rather lay in bed and watch netflix because my clothes don’t really fit (and i’m jealous i can’t drink).

the next event was the engagement party, or so everyone thought…about 1 hour into the party, and after the guests watched the below video, they quickly found out there was going to be a wedding. i was a bridesmaid and found out the day before, but did not have a chance to try on the dress until right before the ceremony. literally right before the ceremony…. like 15 mins before. thank goodness it fit.

after the ceremony, we ate Kogi taco’s, took pics in the photobooth and danced to ‘Ain’t No Fun’. a perfect way to end the weekend.

Side FX

I’m at the beginning of my 2nd trimester, and am experiencing a few minor pregnancy symptoms. The weirdest one is my sensitive gums. They bleed when I brush my teeth, and when I floss it looks like a crime scene. The dentist suggested a water pik. The challenge now is not getting the entire bathroom counter wet in 2 mins. Challenge accepted!

Also, now I get “sea sick” in the pool if i’m drifting  on a float for too long. Perfect timing for our babymoon in Maui next month…

milk, it does a body good

apparently there is a chinese superstition that drinking milk will make your baby’s skin more porcelain/white (therefore more beautiful). i heard this from my mother-in-law AND a coworker.  this also explains why my husband has naturally tanned skin… his mom didn’t drink enough milk, duh!

part deux

i’m officially in my second trimester, and things have gone **knock on wood* easier than I anticipated. no morning sickness, lots of naps, and cravings for hot cheetos (basically no changes). i feel like it’s FINALLY time to start shopping for the nursery, although my husband would say it’s too early…hello?! i’ve already waited 3 months

i’ve been eyeing these banners from Little O and Co. they come back in stock next week, so that just might be the beginning of the end of my bank account.