Last night I found out I was pregnant (OMG!). My period was a week late, Johnney was out of the house, so I decided to take an at home pregnancy test. I went to the grocery store hoping to purchase the tests through self checkout, and without anyone noticing. Did you know they keep the tests in a locked box and the cashier needs to unlock it? I had no choice but to wait in line, watching the test go down the conveyor belt, and pretend that no one around me was judging me. Within 2 mins of being home, it was confirmed… I was pregnant.

When Johnney got home, I greeted him at the door. He must have read it on my face, because he asked if something was going on. I lead him to the bathroom where I showed him the 2 tests I took, still sitting on the counter with their blue plus signs showing. He was surprised/shocked, and possibly thought it was a joke. Needless to say, he and I are excited for our growing family!

If you believe in signs, our baby was conceived on Mother’s Day 🙂


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