fat or pregnant?

Have you ever almost asked someone if they were pregnant, just because they had a tummy? that’s how I feel…fat. Luckily it’s summer, and I can live in dresses

that awkward phase in pregnancy
that awkward phase in pregnancy when people can’t tell if you’re pregnant or just fat

Dream Girl

I had a dream last night that I went to the OB, and they told me I was having a girl. My next appt is in a couple of weeks, so we shall see! Hmmm…Which is right, my dream or pinterest?!

Speaking of fortune telling…For Christmas, our friends daughter drew a portrait of Johnney and I. In my belly, she drew a baby. Maybe I should ask her the gender!

picture perfect

Just had my first visit with the OBGYN. I did not know that you get an ultra sound so early, so I told Johnney he did not have to come. I also had no idea I was going to get probed with a rod in my vagina! Lots of surprises today. Not only did I see our baby, but I heard the heart beat! By the size, it looks like I am 7 weeks. Our due date is the 3rd week of January 2016.

So far, things are going well. I haven’t had any morning sickness, and I’m back to my college napping schedule. I love naps!


Since visiting the doc last week, there has been prenatal vitamin drama for this mama. She gave me a prescription for Prenate Mini. I took it to the pharmacy, where they said they would need a day or two to track down a bottle. The next day, the pharmacy called saying that this product is no longer being manufactured, but they found 1 bottle. WTH?! Why is the doc prescribing something that is extinct?! I called the doc asking for assistance. Left a message, then nothing. I called again, and they were waiting to hear back from the Prenate sales rep. That explains it all! I’m not going to take this vitamin, and will try an OTC brand until I visit to the OBGYN.


Last night I found out I was pregnant (OMG!). My period was a week late, Johnney was out of the house, so I decided to take an at home pregnancy test. I went to the grocery store hoping to purchase the tests through self checkout, and without anyone noticing. Did you know they keep the tests in a locked box and the cashier needs to unlock it? I had no choice but to wait in line, watching the test go down the conveyor belt, and pretend that no one around me was judging me. Within 2 mins of being home, it was confirmed… I was pregnant.

When Johnney got home, I greeted him at the door. He must have read it on my face, because he asked if something was going on. I lead him to the bathroom where I showed him the 2 tests I took, still sitting on the counter with their blue plus signs showing. He was surprised/shocked, and possibly thought it was a joke. Needless to say, he and I are excited for our growing family!

If you believe in signs, our baby was conceived on Mother’s Day 🙂